Pencil drawing of Lucy – sprawled in the sun

This is a pencil drawing of our cat, Lucy. She was sprawled in the sun on the floor one day. I did this to try and experiment with rendering her fur. I like how it turned out, though it is more of a rough finish than I usually do. It would be interesting to take this and render it in pen and ink, or finer pencil, or even colored pencil. She is a gray cat, so the graphite works well in terms of color for a sketch like this.

4 thoughts on “Pencil drawing of Lucy – sprawled in the sun

  1. Hi Carol,That is one happy-looking cat! The fur texture looks really good.I also enjoyed your work in progress on the dog portrait (schnauzer?); I’m always interested in process.

  2. Thanks! Yeah…she (like most cats, I guess) loves to just let it all hang out 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the dog portrait – I always like seeing process as well, so I was happy to be able to post one of my own.

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