Negative space studies for botanical art

Welcome to my blog! I hope to use this site to show works in progress (botanical, wildlife, house portraits, pet portraits, whatever else comes to mind…) as well as other interesting sketches or projects that might not make it all the way through to a final piece. It’s always fun for me to see artwork in different stages, including rough sketches and studies, so I thought I would share some of my own.

This particular post shows some of the negative space studies that I did in a beginning botanical art course. I love these because they really force you to see the space around your subject, rather than focusing on the subject itself. Very useful for helping one to learn how to ‘see’ differently.

The one on the left is a ground-cover rose bush, and the one on the right is a holly bush.

One thought on “Negative space studies for botanical art

  1. Nicely done. You know, this looks like a good exercise … probably cheating to use a cactus though. Have to look around for something and give it a go.

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